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Gary Fallon - Director B. App. Sc. Phd (Submitted), ASEG, SEG GARY FALLON is a geophysicist and petrophysicist, and one of the leading coal geophysicists in the country. Gary 's input into establishing seismic as a cost-effective planning tool with the Queensland Bowen Basin coal industry has been significant. He provides mines with advice, recommendations and strategies for engaging geophysical solutions to mine technical issues with a focus on reducing operational risk. Gary has managed more than 50% of the 3D seismic surveys undertaken in the Bowen Basin coal industry (to end 2003). In 2003 Gary was awarded the prestigious Bowen Basin Geology Group Leichardt Award for his services to the coal mining industry in Queensland . Gary was Manager for Coal Geophysics with Mount Isa Mines Exploration (MIMEX), and latterly with Xstrata Coal before establishing Geophysical Resources and Services Pty Ltd with other ex MIMEX geophysicists in late 2003. Gary has recently submitted his Phd in Petrophysics.

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